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Carnival 2024 Costume
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Notting Hill Carnival 2024 Costume & T-Shirt collection are here!


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"Get ready to be swept away into a realm of pure passion and rebellion as L'AMOUR MAS proudly unveils the electrifying theme for this year's Notting Hill Carnival: *SOUL REBEL*! Inspired by the legendary Gong Orginal Soul Rebel Bob Marley, this theme embodies the fiery spirit of defiance against injustice and the unwavering pursuit of righteousness. Picture a breathtaking fusion of tradition and modernity, where ropes and tassels, symbolic of Rastafarian roots, intertwine with pure white, paying homage to the Bobo Shanti and Nyabinghi orders symbolising the purity of purpose. But that's not all – shimmering star patterns reminiscent of Bob's global influence adorn the costumes, each diamond-style crystal sparkling with the colors of red, gold, and green, a vibrant tribute to the people, the land, and the rich heritage of Jamaica and Her African Roots Brace yourself for a spectacle that transcends borders and ignites the soul! "

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Unique Mas proudly presents to you 'The Maroons.' Maroons descend from Africans who ran off into the hills to escape the horrors of chattel slavery and formed free communities. Many Maroons from Jamaica descended from the Asante (Ashanti) tribe who are part of the Akan ethnic group from Ghana. Kente cloth has been incorporated into the costume as it is a textile that originates from Ghana. This section signifies the connection between Jamaica and the Motherland as well as resistance from oppression.

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Opulence mas presents to you, Lady Libertas. The Goddess of Freedom is a symbolic figure personifying the ideals of liberty and freedom.

She promotes the ideals of being free within society with the power to act, speak or think as one wants. Lady Libertas represents the epitome of luxury, longevity and liberation. She is often depicted as a majestic woman who serves as a reminder for the ongoing pursuit of a just and inclusive society. Her iconic presentation makes her a symbol that cannot go unrecognised; she is the star of her own show.


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