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Jamaican Twist Carnival Group is a MAS band organisation that was founded in 2002. The band brings together people from a wealth of different backgrounds and all ages.


Jamaican Twist promotes the Jamaican motto ‘Out Of Many One People’ representing the diversity of Jamaica with its wide range of races and cultures reflected yearly its popularity and active diverse following year on year. Jamaican Twist likes to be seen as positive ambassadors for Jamaica. Whilst promoting the beauty, talent and history of the island, through a celebration of its culture through dance, art and music hitting the streets of Notting Hill, regional carnivals and events throughout the year in true Jamaican style and fashion.


As the only Jamaican mas band at Notting Hill, Jamaican Twist brings a different dynamic that is unique in its own right and places Jamaica together with the rest of the Caribbean Islands in the heart of the streets of Notting Hill in London over the August bank holiday weekend.


Jamaican Twist welcomes all to be part of our history, but most importantly come and have the time of your life with Jamaican Twist.

“Come and experience Carnival, the Jamaican Twist way”

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