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How do I register for Jamaican Twist?

Once you have selected your costumes or T-Shirt, you will be taken through a registration process, where you will be asked to provide your details.


When do I collect my costume or T-shirt?

Costumes or T-shirts are collected approximately a week before the Notting Hill carnival

Can I change my sizes and options?

Generally not once they have been booked as we produce costumes once they have been ordered, however we will try to accommodate you if we can.

Can I change section?

We do not allow for section changes, as we produce costumes generally once they have been ordered.

What is included in my costume?

A costume is normally made up of, under garment/s i.e. bra and bikini bottom, belt, neck piece, leg pieces and arm pieces, your costume also includes on Monday only, unlimited Jamaican Twist punch, soft drinks, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Security, Music, photographers, helpful stewards and free entry to our thank you party.

When is the latest I can book a costume?

Deadline for costume purchase is the 1st June 2019 Any requests for orders after that would be agreed on a case by case basis.


What are the special costumes Options?

Bras – You have the option of having a standard bra or upgrading to a wire bra when you are booking either of the available options in our sections.


What age do I have to be to wear a costume?

You need to be 18 and over to wear a Jamaican Twist Costume.16yrs and over may be considered with written consent from a parent or guardian.


Do you cater for special requests?

Unfortunately due to production and number of costumes, which need to be produced, we are unable to accommodate any special requests.


Can we customise our own costume?

Generally we would say no, the designer has spent a long time developing the look of the band and the costumes to ensure we look good on the road, if you would like to do something special please speak to us first.


What if I want to cancel my costume?

You are welcome to cancel your booking at any time, although your deposit will be non-refundable, if you have paid more than your deposit you will be refunded according to the terms and conditions of sale. There is NO refunds after the 1st June.


What if I did not want to play mas anymore but someone else I know would like my costume?

We can facilitate a costume transfer to another person, but they would have to fit into the costume based on what was ordered.


How do I make further payments on my costume?

We have lots of ways to do this, the easiest is a bank transfer, you can also pay by PayPal or by cash in person if able. If you would like to make a further payment please contact us and we will help you with this process


When does my costume or T-shirt need to be paid by?

Costume payment deadlines are as follows:

Individuals – 31st July 2019

All inclusive T- Shirts – 14th August 2019

Standard T-Shirts - first come first serve until sold out


Which DJs are playing for Jamaican Twist and what island do they represent?

We have a wide spectrum of TOP UK DJs playing a wide section of music, from Dancehall, Afro Beats, soca and much more


When is the Notting hill Carnival?

Notting hill Carnival takes place annually on the last Sunday and Monday in August.



If you would like the opportunity to sponsor us and be exposed to almost 2 million people please email us for a sponsorship pack.



If you would like to hire any of our costumes for your event at a competitive price, please email us on for further details.

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