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Jamaican Twist launches its 2017 Theme

Jamaican Twist pays tribute to Usain Bolt and his domination of the 100 and 200 meters over the last decade destroying world records on the big stages time and time again.

Jamaican Twist will also be recognising and celebrating the success of Team Jamaica. A Jamaican star is born at every major competition. Elaine Thompson has joined a long list of great Jamaican sprinters exploding onto the international scene and winning both 100 and 200 meters sprint Olympic gold in 2016.

The Determination, Endurance, Momentum and Perseverance of Team Jamaica have kept the light of the world shining on one of the beautiful islands located in the heart of the Caribbean. They demonstrate the pride and spirit of Jamaica.

Usain Bolt will be making his final curtain call on the worlds major competition stage by taking part in his last World Championship in London this year. Jamaican Twist pays tribute to Bolt and Team Jamaica wishing them every success during the summer of 2017.

Join Jamaican Twist at the various events including Manchester and Notting Hill Carnival to celebrate the greatness Jamaica represents on the athletics track and the many victories over the last 10 years.

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